Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status

PRESENT:  Dan C., Rick T., Carole, Steve, Rick C., Kathy, Nancy 

Absent:   Todd, Diane, Mike G., Bob, Dan B.

The meeting was called to order at 5:02 p.m.

1.            Approval of Board Minutes from 12/15/2015.  Diane moves to approve, Dan C. seconded, Carole noted some grammatical changes to last month’s meeting minutes.  Passed unanimously. 

2.            Acceptance of December Financial Reports:

Carole reviewed the financial reports. Diane moves that we accept the report, Kathy seconds, Passed unanimously. 

3.                  Membership Report Update:

We now have 47 members and 0 FOOs. 

4.            Board Organization

Rick needs to submit Bylaws to OI 

5.            Committee Reports
a.    Service
     1.    Essay contest will be rolled out in late January
     2.    Oratorical contest-We will explore the possibility of having an Oratorical contest

b.    Social
1.    March 6th – “Leaping” Progressive Dinner

2.    May 19th – Twist NOW Meeting

3.    June 4th – Reach a Child mini golf tournament

4.    August ???  Pool Party

c.    Fundraising

1.    Koeze Nuts – Approximately $1200 profit this year

2.    Basketball lottery – Steve moves that we will participate, Dan C. seconds, Passed unanimously 

6.  New Business.

            a. Oratorical contest possibly on March 2nd

            b. Two open speaker spots in February, several suggestions were made

            c. STOC website sponsorship is available. Other social media options were discussed

            d. JOOI students are making a 30 second video to advertise the club 

2016 board meetings scheduled for Feb. 9, March 8, April 12 and May 10. 

7.    Adjourn, next meeting will be Feb. 9 at 5:00 pm. at Park Bank. Dan C. moves to adjourn, Nancy seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted, Rick Thomas, Secretary