Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status

PRESENT:  Dan C., Rick T., Carole, Steve, Rick C., Nancy, Diane, Bob

Absent:        Mike G., Dan B., Kathy, Todd

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. 

1.            Addition to minutes: Thanking the hosts from the progressive dinner.

2.            Approval of Board Minutes from 2/9/2016. Steve moves to approve, Dan C. seconded, Passed unanimously. 

3.            Acceptance of January Financial Reports:

Rick C. motions to accept January and February financial reports. Steve seconds. Bob reviewed February’s financials.  Passed unanimously.  Bob moved that we write off 2 members dues. Diane seconds, Passed unanimously.

4.         Membership Report Update:

Bob moved that Nick, Greg and Joe should be dropped from membership. Rick C. seconds, Passed unanimously.

Bob moved that we accept Jessica Grettie as a new member. Dan C. seconds. Rick C. would like us to encourage better lunch attendance. Passed unanimously. We now have 46 members and 0 FOOs. OI has created a Honoring our Hereos program. It runs March 1 through June 30th. It also has a One and Done program that we need to encourage everyone to participate in. We should get our name in the WSJ directory. Bonnie will investigate.

5.            Board Organization
We are behind in our fundraising.

6.            Committee Reports

a.    Service

1.    Essay contest was won by Tejvir

2.    Oratorical contest- March 30 is our club contest, Zone contest is April 9, and District is April 30

3.    Bratfest – We are trying to sign up as a group. May 27-30

4.    Madison Marathon sign up is ready

b.    Social

1.    May 19th – Twist NOW Meeting

2.    June 4th – Reach a Child mini golf tournament

3.    August ???  Pool Party

c.    Fundraising

1.    Basketball lottery – There will be no contest this year.

2.    Rick C. is working on sponsors for next year’s Christmas party 

7.  New Business.

            a. Many open speaker spots

            b. STOC website sponsorship is available. Diane moves to approve the website for next year with sponsors. Nancy seconds. Bonnie would like to get 4 sponsors at $100 per year each. Passed unanimously.

            c. Nominating committee – Kathy, Steve, Todd, Dan C.

d. No club meeting July 6th 

e.    2016 board meetings scheduled for April 12 and May 10, June 14, July 12, August 9, and Sept. 13.

f.     Diane moved that we begin recognizing Optimist members quarterly starting in April, Bob seconds, the board would vote on which Optimist would be recognized, Passed unanimously. 

7.    Adjourn, next meeting will be April 12 at 5:00 pm. at Park Bank. RicK C. moved to adjourn, Dan C. seconded. Passed unanimously. 

Respectfully submitted, Rick Thomas, Secretary

Youth & Community Foundation 
Board of Directors Meeting, 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016  MINUTES

:  Bob, Nancy, Rick T., Bonnie, Diane, Dan C., Carole, Steve, Rick C.

          Absent:  Mike, Todd, Kathy, Dan B.
          The meeting was called to order at 5:50pm.

  1. Minutes from June 2015 Foundation Meeting. Bob moves to approve, Diane seconds, passed unanimously. 
  2. Financial Report Discussion 14-15: Bob reviewed the financials, Bob moved that we budget $125 for essay, $125 for Oratorical and $250 for hotel in the Dells for the Oratorical contest. Rick C. seconds, passed unanimously. Steve moved that we budget $300 for Respect for Law, Diane seconds, Passed unanimously. 

3.    New Business:

Rick C. moved that we budget $2000 for scholarships, Dan C. seconds, Passed unanimously.

4.    We will discuss donation to OI at our June meeting.

5.    Next meeting will be June 14th.  Diane moved to adjourn, Dan C. seconds, meeting adjourned at 6:12pm.