Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status

PRESENT:  Dan C., Rick T., Carole, Steve, Rick C., Diane, Bob, Kathy, Nancy, Dan B.

Others Present: Bonnie, Vern

Absent:        Mike, Todd

The meeting was called to order at 5:03 p.m. 

1.            Addition to agenda: none

2.            Approval of Board Minutes from 3/8/2016. Steve moved to approve, Diane seconded, #7 changed to, “adjourn to May 10”, Passed unanimously.

3.            Acceptance of April Financial Reports:

Kathy motioned to accept April financial reports. Dan C. seconds. Bob reviewed April’s financials.  $225 rescinded from last month but we did spend $248. Passed unanimously.

4.                  Membership Report Update:

No changes from last month

5.            Board Organization

a.    We are behind in our membership goal

b.    We have 45 regular members and no FOOs

6.            Committee Reports

a.    Service

1.    Oratorical contest- A plaque will be given to the Zone winner

2.    Bratfest – We have 17 people filling 19 shifts

3.    Madison Marathon sign ups are ok but lots more spots available

4.    Reach-A-Child: Mini golf sign ups open for June 4th event

5.    Special Olympics Track meet was May 7th We had 8 Optimists sign up

6.    Respect for Law is May 11th

7.    May 25th is the end of year recognition banquet at Memorial

b.    Social

1.    May 19th – Twist NOW Meeting

2.    June 4th – Reach a Child mini golf tournament

3.    August ???  Pool Party

c.    Fundraising

1.    Basketball lottery – There will be no contest this year.

2.    Taste of Madison and a Marathon in the Fall

d.    Nominating committee will be meeting in the next week

1.    Every position but President and Vice-president is filled

2.    We need to file with OI by May 20th

7.  New Business.

            a. Many open speaker spots in June

            b. Vern brought a request for $250 sponsorship for an autistic child at Huegel. The board will discuss via email and at the June Foundation meeting

c. Dan B. moved to approve the entertainer for the X-mas party, Nancy seconded, passed unanimously

d. Payment for Respect for Law lunches will come from the Foundation. We are on budget for the other expenses

e. 2016 board meetings scheduled for June 14, July 12, August 9, and Sept. 13

 8.   Adjourn, next meeting will be June 14 at 5:00 pm. at Park Bank. Diane moved to adjourn, Dan seconded. Passed unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Rick Thomas, Secretary

 Addition to minutes from the club meeting on May 19th :

The following people were unanimously elected to serve on the board for the 2016-2017 Optimist year.


President- Mike G

Vice President – Dan Chart

Treasurer- Bob W

Secretary- Rick T

Past President-Carole K

Board-Rick C

Board-Steve Bailey

Board John Fons

Board-Nancy Hach

Board-Kathy J