Date Description & Time Location Meeting Status

PRESENT:  Dan C., Rick T., Carole, Steve, Rick C., Diane, Bob, Dan B., Mike, Nancy

Others Present:

Absent:        Todd, Kathy

The meeting was called to order at 5:03 p.m.

 1.            Addition to agenda: none

2.            Approval of Board Minutes from 7/12/2016. Nancy moved to approve, Steve seconded, Passed unanimously.

3.            Acceptance of July Financial Reports:

Diane moved that we pay the website bill. Steve seconded. Passed unanimously

Dan C. moved to accept July financial reports. Rick C. seconded. Passed unanimously.

4.                  Membership Report Update:

Bob moved that we approve Dennis Norton as a member. Mike seconded. Passed unanimously

5.            Board Organization

a.    We are behind on some goals but are doing well.

b.    We need to send in Bylaws and Policies to OI

6.            Committee Reports

a.    Service

1.    Carole discussed the kickball tournament on August 20.

b.    Social

1.    August 24th  Pool Party

2.    Golf outing, tentatively Sept. 24th, probably at Pleasant View.  Bob and Steve are co-chairs

c.    Fundraising

1.    Football Craze tickets are due August 24

2.    We had 21 volunteers at Mustard Days. We will be getting $500 for the work done.

3.    Taste of Madison and a Marathon in the Fall

d.    Nominating committee did a great job.

7.  New Business

            a. Many open speaker spots

            b. End of Year Banquet locations being investigated for Sept. 27th probably at

               Craftsman in Middleton. Rick T. and Mike will help plan

c.    Bob investigated getting shirts made. It will be tabled until September

            d. 2016 board meetings scheduled for Sept. 13

 8.   Adjourn, next meeting will be September 13th at 5:00 pm. at Park Bank. Diane moved to adjourn, Bob seconded, Passed unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,

Rick Thomas, Secretary